Expertise through a Program Committee

Devops experts are committed to the quality of the programme and will use their expertise to determine the direction of the conference content by suggesting relevant and hard-hitting themes, topics and presentations.

The programme committee is also responsible for promoting the call for conferences within the devops ecosystem and evaluating the resulting proposals.

Jonathan Clarke

DEVOPS REX – Founder
An entrepreneur since 2010, Jonathan runs three activities in parallel: The DevOps REX conference in Paris, focusing on devops experience feedback. The FAB project in the Dordogne, combining a microbrewery, eco-responsible creations and accommodation, with a focus on local and traditional craftsmanship. Rudder, an open source Continuous Configuration solution, offering automation and compliance for IT infrastructures, deployed at major accounts.

Daniel Maher

Senior DevRel Manager - CERBOS
Dan has worked in a variety of environments from start-ups to global corporations, including stints as a founder, university lecturer, and a day labourer. Today, Dan is a co-chair of the DevOpsDays conference series, Senior DevRel Manager at Cerbos, and full time open source developer.
Laurent doguin portrait

Laurent Doguin

Director, Developer Relations & Strategy - Couchbase
Laurent is Director of Developer Relations & Strategy at Couchbase, and is a combination of metalhead, nerd and Parisian tegestophile. He often writes code in Java and more or less structured text in Markdown. He often talks about data, cloud, devops, devrel and other buzzwordy subjects. Laurent was also VP Devrel at Clever Cloud, and Developer Advocate for Couchbase and Nuxeo.
Dina abaklali

Dina Abakkali

Ingénieure DevOps chez Scaleway
Dina possède une expérience significative en développement logiciel, en architecture logicielle et en gestion de bases de données. Elle occupe actuellement le poste d'ingénieure DevOps chez Scaleway. Passionnée par l'entrepreneuriat social, elle s'intéresse également aux bases de données, à la découverte de nouvelles cultures et à la cuisine.